Taimane & Kalei World Tour

"Celebrating 100 years of ukulele legacy, Kamaka Ukulele artists Taimane and Kalei Gamiao are at the forefront of today’s ukulele revolution. Taimane, who picked up her first ukulele at the age of 5, is right at home finger-picking through Bach, or radically ripping through Led Zeppelin. Kalei, who didn’t start to play until a sports injury forced him to find a new hobby at the age of 13, creates sounds that are rich, full and keep listeners on the edge of their seats. Their tour is in recognition of the 100th anniversary of Kamaka Ukuleles."  – SOKA University

Photographs from Taimane & Kalei World Tour on February 6, 2016 at the SOKA Performing Arts Center in Alisa Viejo, California.  Chris Kamaka, Kalei Gamiao, and Taimane Gardner, performed their original music compositions and other familiar pieces for the audience.  Kauilani Gamiao, Kalei's sister, also graced the crowd with a beautifully choreographed hula dance during Chris' performance...

Mahalo to the Kamaka family, the Gamiao's, Taimane, SOKA University, and all those involved in making this a very special day.