Party of Three

Here is the little girl that is spinning our world!
I have yet to write and share the beautiful images that my husband took on the day our daughter, Julyiana, was born (October 5th).
She is now FIVE MONTHS old... already wanting to walk before learning to crawl.
"They grow up fast," is truly an understatement!

Photos taken on March 5th, 2018

The darling looks of Jules . . .

Her balancing act (which lasted a second) in this photo has got everyone thinking she's already standing up on her own.
Let's just say, she was really excited about not having us hold her up . . .

Daddy is always there at arms-length, ready to catch her . . .

. . . and wipe her drool . . . 

Julyiana telling us a story . . .

"Have you met my daddy? He's my best friend, and he sings to me." —Jules

Our little bird is one of the greatest gifts ever given to us. The labor pains I endured giving birth to her was worth every single second, every single cry. You come out of your first experience almost in complete shock, digesting every single miracle that had to have happened to make such a phenomenal event possible: bringing a new life into this world. Your perspective in living is altered forever. You realize that any woman who was ever with child and gave birth to a child, is a powerful warrior by nature.

Every moment spent with your child is so precious,
you wish you could stretch a second longer
just to slow everything down.

More to come.

Love, J