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Jules Milk bath - BrittenPhoto.com

I sit here in my living room, enjoying our rainy weather while sipping on a hot cup of earl grey tea. My daughter, Julyiana, is jumping in her baby jumper, losing her mind over a little stuffed easter bunny that she received from her grandpa Casler. She can't help but yell at it, smile at it, and bite it (she's finally teething). I'm listening to HAIM's single, "Little of Your Love" which feels a lot like Wilson Phillips' "Hold On", and I can't help but love it.

- Julyiana's spa-like botanical heaven. -

First, let me note here that this was challenging to do on my own. Something like this is best done with an assistant. Trust me. Now, moving on!  In real life, Jules' milk bath lasted less than 10 minutes (as most of my photo shoots with her.) These photos are her "official Easter portraits" to look back on, something different from the usual Easter photos that consists of bunnies, colorful bright eggs, and baskets. I almost decided not to shoot this series after seeing that she didn't quite fit in the makeshift tub I created. Before choosing to abandon the set, I captured as many shots as I could to make it worth our while (and because I bought these flowers specifically for this.) This was my second attempt at a milk bath photoshoot. I can't wait till my husband is around to help me with another session! He's actually enjoying his last day in Indonesia as I type this.

+ Scroll down to see my "before" photos which show you what a little image compositing can do when your original photos don't turn out the way you envisioned. +

Jules Milk Bath - BrittenPhot.com
Jules Milk Bath 1 - BrittenPhoto.com
Jules - BrittenPhoto.com

Jules was enthralled by the sky and all the trees surrounding her (I should have taken a photo of her view!) while being in this little tub. She looked everywhere except in my lens. If anything, this personal series has inspired me to create more photos like this. I'll be on the look out for a small vintage bathtub perfect for outdoor milk baths!


Photo Composites

The photos above were image composites created in photoshop. Jules first milk bath was photographed in our bathtub (indoors), which barely had any natural sunlight to light the set. So instead, I created an outdoor bath using a plastic storage tub to shoot in all natural sunlight. After I set up the tub with milk*, I arranged the flowers and earthy textures, and took several images to use as composites for Jules' portraits. 

* Use breastmilk mixed in clean warm water to prevent any allergic reactions.

Turns out, my little baby is not so little anymore...

Jules Milk Bath - Brittenphoto.com
Jules Milk Bath - BrittenPhoto.com
Jules Milk Bath - BrittenPhoto.com
Jules Milk Bath - BrittenPhoto.com

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