Courtnee | A Few Minutes to Spare


I met up with my friend, Courtnee, in June to shoot some campaign photos for my friends over at REVO Oahu. After we shot their graphic tees, we had a few minutes to spare before heading to a lunch. Courtnee had brought a few extra tops to shoot in, and out of the ones she presented, my eyes gravitated towards this royal blue summer peasant top. I love photographing clothing with texture, details, and especially color (although, I wouldn’t deny the perfect black or white modern dress!) I didn’t have a steamer with me to flatten out the wrinkles, but that didn’t stop us from having a little bit of fun with this top! Here are some of my favorite shots of Courtnee from our three minute shoot in the scorching hot sun!

Photos Taken June 21, 2018
Haleiwa, North Shore


Little Pumpkin!


Waimanalo Country Farms

I use to have such an easy time deleting photos. Now, it’s become more difficult for me to choose between what photos to keep and which to delete, especially when it comes to capturing moments for my personal archive. We took our daughter, Julyiana, to her first pumpkin patch a couple days after she turned one. She had learned to walk within the weeks prior, and since then, it has been a joy to watch her take every step.

Also, we are expecting our 2nd child in April of next year!

Photos taken on October 7, 2018


Rainy Day Fall Beauty


I took my little girl, Jules, to Ko’olau Farmers on this rainy afternoon… one of my favorite places to visit and walk through. We picked out a few new plants to liven up our home for the fall season. Jules expressed pure joy and wonder at the different plants and flowers, often reaching out to touch their leaves and feel their texture. We walked in and out of the greenhouse and through the aisles of flowers, even while the rain sprinkled down on us…


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