A Stroll Through the Garden with Julyiana

Photos taken February 8, 2019
Ho’omaluhia Gardens, Kaneohe, Hawaii

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I’m getting much closer to my due date with my second child (due April 3rd) and it’s becoming a reality that we will become a family of 4 instead of 3. It’s exciting, but I am also very nervous about giving birth again (everything is always unpredictable), as well as how the transition will be into a lifestyle with two kids, work, and perhaps looking for a bigger place to call our home. For now, we’re taking each day as it comes and learning to make every moment count. We have our good days and we also have experienced very stressful days. Most of our days are trying to “find the time” to play catch-up with work, start work, or finish work… whether that’s for a client, for a family member or friend, personal obligations, or just plain chores. In the middle of that, we’re raising our 16 month old the best we can; she’s curious about everything, including climbing and throwing things, trying new foods, spitting out food, eating things she shouldn’t (dirt, rocks, sand, etc.), throwing dramatic fits over little tragedies that is: "You cannot throw electronics into water, they will break!”, “You HAVE to wear clothes!”, or “We are having dinner. We don’t climb on tables, we don’t do that…” and a whole lot of wonderful things that parents experience. We’ve discovered that there really isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done and that teaching our daughter right from wrong, good vs bad behavior, and so on, is something we’ll be dealing with for a very long time… #adulting #parenthood, right? At the end of the day, nothing beats the sweet kisses and big hugs from our child. Watching Julyiana smile, laugh, dance, learn a new word, enjoy her food (she says, “Mmmm!”), hold our hand, ask to be carried because her little legs are too tired from walking, and all those little things we sometimes take for granted, are everything we live for. It drowns out the noise of worry, and invites the sweet sounds of life.

As my belly begins to grow here at 33 weeks, I’ve been taking Jules outdoors for an afternoon walk (the only exercise I get, unless I’m walking through Target for three hours *laughs out loud*) through one of our botanical gardens, which is an easy 15 minute drive from our home. She LOVES being out in nature. And now that she can walk and explore on her own, it’s been a real treat to follow behind her - allowing her to lead the way. Here are photos from our recent stroll on the unpaved trails at Ho’omaluhia Garden. Jules turned 16 months on February 5th, and I felt like I really needed to document who she is and her bright personality at this age…


The two photos above were the first two snapshots I took when I set her down to walk on her own. She turned around to look back at me, and as she watched me bring my camera up to my eyes, she just stood there smiling back, until she heard my camera shutter click. Then, she ran forward…


… and stopped mid-way, waiting for me to catch up again …


The portrait photographer in me wanted so much for her to stay put so I could take a simple headshot of her in front of these beautiful palm leaves, but of course, time is of the essence when you’re little and see a bird that must be chased…


“Wow…” - Jules


I don’t know what people actually think when they see me post a ton of photos that I’ve taken of my daughter… so much, that I probably should’ve taken a video! Perhaps they think it’s sweet, some may think I’m a little overboard and that one is just enough, others may have different opinions. Although, what I hope is that they are inspired to pick up any sort of camera, and choose to document the life around them, the people they love, the moments they don’t want to forget. Documentary as well as journalistic photography has always stood out to me. It’s beautiful. I love those raw and unplanned moments. The timelessness. I learned that you can never taken enough photos of the people you love…


She must dance everywhere she goes…

… and point out airplanes in the sky…

The day isn’t over until this baby has tasted a rock. I don’t know why she does it, but she does.
And every single time, she thinks it’s funny when she see’s me panic and bat it out of her hands.


When she’s tired from walking, she’ll hold both her hands out to me. And then when she reaches one hand out, it’s her way of politely asking, “Please,” since she has a hard time pronouncing it on her own. I love her. The look in her eyes tells me, “It’s time to go home. I want to take my nap now.”


A Fleeting Moment


When I first gave birth to Julyiana in October of 2017, the first 3-6 months were tough, to say the least. She was this tiny 19 1/2” being that fit perfectly in my arms. I remember waking up at 5 AM, watching and waiting patiently for the sun to rise and the sunlight to hit the lake in our backyard, bringing out the most vivid hues of blues and greens. I would be feeding and rocking Jules back to sleep for the second time that morning. I was sleep deprived, exhausted, drained, emotional, and felt like a big mess. Sometimes I would cry, because all I wanted to do was sleep. I would remind myself, “She’ll grow up and I will miss this, even though it’s tough. Cherish these moments deeply.” Those positive thoughts and words would bring me comfort on days when I just felt like I hadn’t slept for weeks.

I remember imagining that one day, our daughter would be on her feet, finding her way out of our bed in the mornings, and quietly entering into the living room - stretching her little arms and yawning like a baby lion. Many times I had thought that day was far away - that the first year of her life we would be living in slow motion. But here we are… she’s 15 1/2 months. I understood that she would grow up and I would miss her being a newborn, but I never thought it would happen so fast. It’s true when people say…

“The days are long, but the years are short.”

Photos taken January 8, 2019
Kailua, Hawaii


The golden light and warmth of the sun made this winter day in January feel a little more like summer. And truly, is there anything better than being with the ones you love?


PHOTOS Jaymi Britten
DIAPER Honest Company

Little Pumpkin!


Waimanalo Country Farms

I use to have such an easy time deleting photos. Now, it’s become more difficult for me to choose between what photos to keep and which to delete, especially when it comes to capturing moments for my personal archive. We took our daughter, Julyiana, to her first pumpkin patch a couple days after she turned one. She had learned to walk within the weeks prior, and since then, it has been a joy to watch her take every step.

Also, we are expecting our 2nd child in April of next year!

Photos taken on October 7, 2018