Courtnee | A Few Minutes to Spare


I met up with my friend, Courtnee, in June to shoot some campaign photos for my friends over at REVO Oahu. After we shot their graphic tees, we had a few minutes to spare before heading to a lunch. Courtnee had brought a few extra tops to shoot in, and out of the ones she presented, my eyes gravitated towards this royal blue summer peasant top. I love photographing clothing with texture, details, and especially color (although, I wouldn’t deny the perfect black or white modern dress!) I didn’t have a steamer with me to flatten out the wrinkles, but that didn’t stop us from having a little bit of fun with this top! Here are some of my favorite shots of Courtnee from our three minute shoot in the scorching hot sun!

Photos Taken June 21, 2018
Haleiwa, North Shore


Oh, Alison...

It's not possible to not sing or even think of the song "Alison" by Elvis Costello, when your friends name is Alison.
I tried not to think of it, but it really isn't possible.

Photos taken in April 2015.

It's the first weekend of Coachella, which made me think about THIS Coachella-styled and inspired photoshoot I did three years ago with California girls, Alison McCloskeyColbie Wilson (of Salon Thairapy & Blushed and Beautiful), and Mya Wilson, near the lake at Huntington Beach Central Park!

It's been nearly 9 months since I've moved out of Huntington Beach. There are things that I don't miss (like, the traffic) and things I do miss, such as, brunch and creative brainstorming with Ali (SeaLegs being our go-to place), collaborations with such beautiful talented women, and Trader Joe's (irrelevant, but so relevant.) I felt like I never really gave myself a chance to fully blossom in the creative circles there, mainly because I always spent 6 months of the year back in Hawaii. My mind was all over the place, and I had my hands in little things that somehow consumed my every minute of every day. When I was in Cali, I was daydreaming about Hawaii. And when I was in Hawaii, I was daydreaming about Cali. It was a bittersweet time of my life - feeling pushed in one direction and pulled in the other; experiencing good moments in-between moments of struggle as a freelance photographer.

Meeting Alison (through our mutual friend, Kevin Ashford, owner of HB Cult magazine) was probably one of the highlights of my life while living there (DC and I lived off of Springdale and Talbert!) I wanted to dive quickly into the 'scene' and industry without having high expectations, and Danny (who was just my boyfriend at the time) had introduced me to Kevin.  We met up, I showed him my portfolio, we decided to do a test shoot with Ali for an international bikini line, and we set a date to shoot. It happened fast - and I will eventually dig up those photos for another journal entry!  He gave me a little back story of Ali, that she was so-and-so years old, a mother, super intelligent, does so many things for charity, is physically fit, and that she's not only gorgeous, but has a undeniably beautiful spirit. When I met her, I learned what she did for a living as well as her passions and interests; she's a neurodiagnostic technologist, a yogi, music enthusiast, an event planner, raises funds for causes she's passionate for - such as the homeless, and is an advocate for health and patient care in the autism community. I thought, "Well, now. Here's an angel on earth. And after this shoot, I'm going to go home and figure out my life."  Literally. There's not a bad bone in Alison McCloskey, and anyone who knows her will tell you she is an inspiring and positive human being.

After our first shoot together, Ali wanted to take me under her wing and create a small creative business that essentially revolved around my photography. With nothing to lose, we talked in text messages, met up for creative dates, and tried to put something together. We called it 4loveandlife, and we set up a couple photoshoots with beauty/artistry professionals to create our own original content to be used on our website and instagram. I had been traveling so much at the time, that 4loveandlife ended up being put on hold despite our big vision of working together. We were like a band that put out an EP, got everyone excited, and then never got around to producing a full-length album or scheduling a world tour (*insert happy face / crying emoji's*). We invested a lot of time in creating photos, and shared our ideas for potential projects, but it didn't quite gain the momentum we were both hoping for. Although, if you ask me if I would ever work with her again on any project, my answer is, "Yes... in a heartbeat."

For me, this (my work) is more than just about photography. I've met some amazing long-lasting friends through photoshoots... and Ali is one of them. Now that I'm a mother, I GET IT. I get why Ali does everything she does. I get why she's always busy and feeling so rushed. I get why she is who she is. Because simply, she is a mother. A very nurturing, protective, beautiful mother who thinks about everyone's well being. She puts everyone else first. And I'm learning fast, that's just what mothers do.

(Her birthday was on April 11th, two days before mine! #ARIES)

Makeup & Hair | Behind The Scenes

If I recall, this photo session was 30 minutes (maybe even less!) These women all had to be somewhere else at a specific time, so we raced to get these shots. Mya held my reflector for this first look (thank you lady!) The light glares were all intentional, and I created them by shooting through two different crystals (one clear and one auburn colored) to give off a natural warm feel to the images so that very little post-work would be required. Colbie and Mya (sisters) did a wonderful job on her makeup and hair, as well as styling this "coachella-inspired" look. Love love love...

More photos (of Ali in different looks) will be posted in separate entries! Check back for more!

PHOTOS by JAYMI BRITTEN / @brittenphoto
MAKEUP by COLBIE WILSON / @colbiewilson @salonthairapy
HAIR by MYA WILSON / @xoxomy

Studio Session: Adore The Couture

Culver City, LA, California

This past December, I got to work with a dear friend, Chelsey Thomas, who is a documentary producer and a personal assistant to American actress, Cynthia Yorkin!  I had set personal goals (sort of 'New Years Resolutions' if you will) to shoot more fashion work in 2016, take more chances, and learn to be more selective of who I decided to work with. I am a true believer that if an opportunity presents itself and it aligns perfectly with your own personal goals and desires, then it's more than just happenstance.  Those kinds of opportunities don't come very often, and when they do, you better be prepared to take it.

My fiancé and I were having drinks with Chelsey's family (she happens to be the daughter of my fiancé's good friend & business partner) in Long Beach, when she mentioned to me that she was developing her new business, an online fashion consignment boutique called Adore The Couture. I obviously couldn't resist suggesting that we get together to collaborate much sooner than later. And so we did...

We both jumped at the opportunity to work together.  As busy as we both were, traveling, finishing up projects, and kick-starting new projects, we locked in a date with her creative team.  I drove from Huntington Beach (Orange County), where I currently reside, to help her create a small studio setup with two lights and a backdrop (all that we had that day) in the living room of her Culver City apartment, located just outside of sunny LA.  We made it work! Her good friend and fashion designer, Aurelio Magallenes, assisted us on set and put together nearly 30 looks modeled by the very beautiful & sweet Angela Meyer.  Her inventory consisted of high fashion couture from name brands like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, Christian Cota, Balmain, Moschino, Versace, Valentino, Fendi, Balenciaga, and more.  To give you an idea of how much clothing and accessories (including bags and shoes) that needed to be shot, we had worked for 6 hours straight, and still didn't finish photographing everything! Here are some behind-the-scenes photos.  Click here to view a small selection of the final edited images of this shoot.

View a selection of final shots here: adore the couture